The Company was started in 1985 by Raymond S. Squire as a sole proprietorship. The intent was to serve the financial industry with quality appraisals in a timely manner guided by the most recent mandates of the secondary market.

The Company has succeeded to the present day through all the noted recessions since 1985. At present there are eight (8) appraisers serving the ten main clients which have been gained and retained over time. All of the clients except one are local, prestigious financial organizations with mutual goals of excellent communication; and quality work performed in the best time for the product.

The office has remained at the same address since 1985. From one small office area with a typewriter the firm has grown to over 750 square feet of working space; the latest in computer hardware and software plus an office manager/appraiser trainee. The Cove view is still apparent plus the décor is definitely nautical.

The total years of experience appraising on Cape Cod is over 100 years. The least experienced is 4 years (office manager/trainee). This experience provides the foundation for ensuring that data is chosen which is comparable. Generally, each appraiser has a territory which further enhances the accuracy of sales data usage. Each appraiser more than fulfills the requirements related to continuing education. The latest courses available are made available to the appraisers. A recent tutorial on the latest changes in the residential forms was sent to each appraiser.

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